Khachaturian, Radebaugh and Associates, Inc. (KRA) is an international consulting group specializing in communications and promotion activities related to Alzheimer’s disease and the neurobiology of aging.  The group is known as a premier clearinghouse for information, strategic perspectives and non-technical explanation and interpretation of scientific discoveries in the neurobiology of aging and neurodegenerative diseases.  KRA supports efforts around the world in the development of research resources, public education, advocacy and media relations, by translating and communicating knowledge derived from neuroscience-based programs.

Since 1978, they have organized many international workshops that have mapped the future directions of Alzheimer’s disease and aging research. These conferences have covered such topic as: neurochemistry, diagnosis, neuropathology, genetics, treatments, protein chemistry, mechanisms of cell-death, neuropsychology, behavioral management, prevention, epidemiology, environmental risk factors, standardization of international clinical trials, calcium regulation, and consensus conference on diagnosis. The formulation of "the Five-Five, Ten-Ten Plan to Defeat Alzheimer's disease" and the publications resulting these research planning workshops have lead to many of the current global initiatives to defeat Alzheimer’s disease.